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The Platform of the Massachusetts Democratic Party

America’s Role in a Global Community.

We believe the United States must be a leader in world affairs and we reject policies of isolationism or indifference to the events and people around us. We champion American leadership for peace and the non-violent resolution of conflict, the advancement of human rights and the cause of religious and intellectual freedoms, the eradication of unjust discrimination in all forms, and the promotion of economic arrangements that maximize opportunity for all.

Democracy and Prosperity Abroad.

We advocate policies to foster the growth of democratic institutions, elective government, and freedom of thought and expression around the world. We recognize the connection between political democracy and material well-being and progress. We restate our support for programs to alleviate hunger, poverty, and disease wherever they occur, and to promote economic prosperity in all parts of the world. We recognize the need for heightened American attention with respect to the concerns and interests of whole regions of the globe, including specifically, Africa. We reaffirm our support for the existence and security of the democratic state of Israel, and continued American involvement in the effort to ensure peace in that region. We urge ongoing efforts by all parties toward realizing the full promise of the peace accords in Northern Ireland.

Weapons Reductions.

We favor continued multi-lateral reductions to existing weapons stockpiles, and maximum possible efforts to halt the proliferation of nuclear, chemical, biological or other weapons of mass destruction. We oppose Bush Administration proposals for deployment of a missile defense system, socalled, that would undermine existing arms treaties and alienate allies while failing to enhance the security of the United States.

The United Nations and Human Rights Conventions.

We believe the United Nations plays a constructive and necessary role in international relations and we advocate full and fair American financial support of its functions and institutions. We recognize the importance of multilateral conventions and treaties to human and worker rights and protections. We call for U.S. ratification of The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and The Covenant on the Rights of the Child.

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