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The Platform of the Massachusetts Democratic Party

Tax Fairness and Responsible Budgeting.

We believe that taxes should be fair and based on ability to pay, and that budgets should be fiscally responsible and balanced without gimmicks. We note with pride the success of our Party in achieving these aims both here and in Washington. We oppose budgets that raid trust funds or rely on unrealistic economic and revenue forecasts in order to create the appearance of a balanced budget or to finance tax breaks.

Investments and Tax Relief.

We believe that where state or federal budget surpluses occur, they reflect the productivity and hard work of all residents and citizens. We believe surpluses should go to public priorities like needed investments in education and health care, the strengthening of Social Security and Medicare, the reduction of public debt, and the provision of tax relief targeted first to working families, such the Earned Income Tax Credit. We reject emphatically state or federal tax policies that redirect hard-won budget surpluses or other public revenues into the hands of a few, or which create windfalls for the wealthy while offering little or nothing to working families. We call for tax relief that helps individuals and working families better afford higher education and save for retirement.

Consumer Protection.

We support the protection of consumers and their interests in all areas of the marketplace. We call for genuine consumer-oriented automobile insurance reform and rate relief, including close regulatory scrutiny of industry rate proposals and a “Consumer Choice” system that would empower car owners with a choice of coverage options to best fit their needs. We endorse the monitoring of the deregulation of utilities to ensure fair treatment for all, and call for stronger efforts to ensure that all eligible rate-payers obtain the special rates available to lowincome households.

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