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Reed Hillman on Environment

This Scorecard reflects votes from this former House member from the 2003-2004 legislative session. Click here for the 2005-2006 Scorecard for this district`s new representative.

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Voted YES on requiring dental amalgam (mercury) separators.
Platform indicates voting YES in Part VIII: Environment:Toxics Use Reductions.

Gov. Romney vetoed a budget line item (“Section 41”) which would require the use of advanced filtration technology, certified amalgam separators at each dental office in Massachusetts, and would empower the department of environmental protection to enforce this (because dental amalgam contains high levels of mercury). The House vote was to override the governor's veto. A yes vote would override the veto and impose the requirement. A no vote would sustain the veto and not require separating out the mercury.

Relevant platform section: Toxics Use Reductions: We strongly support the state’s Toxics Use Reduction Law and other Right-to-Know measures that help protect public and worker health while encouraging reduced use of environmentally hazardous materials. We advocate expanded disclosure with respect to highly toxic substances like lead and mercury and pesticides.

Bill Veto Override, sec. 41 ; vote number MA04-H875 on Jul 30, 2004

Voted NO on Veto override to keep park maintenance funding within MDC.
Platform indicates voting YES in Part VIII: Environment:Safeguarding Natural Resources.

Vote on overriding the governor's veto of the following section: The division of urban parks and recreation in the department of conservation and recreation shall assume the sole responsibility for the delivery and the performance of services for all maintenance and repair work, including snow and ice control, for the roads and bridges previously under the control of the Metropolitan District Commission. No MDC assets or services may be transferred either in whole or in part to any other agency, without the express prior approval of the general court.

Relevant platform section:Part VIII: Environment: Safeguarding Natural Resources. "We support rules and incentives for safeguarding natural resources and acquisitions of land, water and recreational resources. We believe in the value of public parks and beaches in our Commonwealth that are clean, safe, well maintained, and which offer a wide range of recreational choices."

Bill Veto Override ; vote number MA03-H447 on Nov 17, 2003

Voted NO on Veto override of reduced fees for blood lead level testing.
Platform indicates voting YES in Part VIII: Environment:Food Safety, Pesticides and Public Health.

Override Gov. Romney's veto of exception of fees charged for the testing of blood lead levels (fees charged by the division of occupational safety). The fees would be limited based on the fees in 2002.

Relevant budget section: SECTION 631. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary and with the exception of fees charged for the testing of blood lead levels, fees charged by the division of occupational safety... shall be set at a rate not less than twice the rate charged on July 1, 2002.”.

Relevant platform section: PART VIII: ENVIRONMENT, PRESERVATION & SUSTAINABLITY: Food Safety, Pesticides and Public Health: “We believe state and federal regulatory agencies should pay especially close attention to pollutants that have a direct impact on our families’ health, with a particular emphasis on regulating mercury, arsenic, pesticides, and lead.”

Bill Veto Override ; vote number MA03-H176 on Jul 8, 2003

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