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Joseph Wagner on Housing

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Voted NO on rejecting $25M earmarked for Housing Trust Fund.
Platform indicates voting NO in Part VII: Housing:Urban Investment.

Gov. Romney vetoed a budget line item (“Section 239”) which would earmark $25 million for the Smart Growth Housing Trust Fund. The $25 million came from a one-time sale of surplus properties. Romney recommended placing the money into the General Fund instead. A no vote would maintain the earmark of the $25 million while a yes vote would agree with Romney’s amendment.

Relevant platform section: Urban Investment: We back the establishment of community development banks and recognize the vital role of community-based development organizations in providing affordable housing.

Bill Amendment Override, Sec. 239 ; vote number MA04-H700 on Jul 8, 2004

Voted NO on removing funds for Affordable Housing Trust.
Platform indicates voting NO in Part VII: Housing:Housing.

Vote on an amendment which would reject two sections of MGL Chapter 40B. The first section to be rejected would require affordable dwelling units in 10% of every residential development (limited to residents below 80 of the area median income). The second section to be rejected would earmark state aid for a municipal Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Relevant platform section:Part VII: Housing: Housing: "We believe the public sector has a vital role to play in the provision of safe, affordable, and fair housing. We recognize a crisis in housing costs across the Commonwealth, and we advocate a heightened priority for affordability initiatives."

Bill H.4240 ; vote number MA04-H626 on May 10, 2004

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