2003-04 Mass Scorecard for State Representative Brian Golden

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Democrat representing Eighteenth Suffolk
Office: 185
Phone: (617) 722-2877
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.state.ma.us/legis/member/bpg1.htm

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This Scorecard reflects votes from this former House member from the 2003-2004 legislative session. Click here for the 2005-2006 Scorecard for this district`s new representative.

Fundamental Issue in MassDems' Party Platform
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This Rep's vote on this issue Party platform on this issue
Part I: Families & Children
  Domestic Partnership
Feb 11, 2004:defining marriage as one man and one woman Golden: YESPlatform: NO
Part II: Education
  Full Funding
May 6, 2003:3-year moratorium on charter schools Golden: NOPlatform: YES
  Full Funding Jun 4, 2003:Allow municipal meals tax, in addition to state meals tax Golden: YESPlatform: YES
  Full Funding Jul 20, 2004:moratorium on expansion of charter schools Golden: NOPlatform: YES
Part III: Health Care
  Health Care
Jul 14, 2004:amending the Constitution to call for universal health care Golden: YESPlatform: YES
Part IV: Economic Growth
  Supporting the Transition from Welfare to Work
May 5, 2003:Requiring workfare for mothers of 2- to 6-year-olds Golden: YESPlatform: NO
  Workforce Training Jan 13, 2004:investing in emerging technologies, math & science Fund. Golden: YESPlatform: YES
  Competitive Advantage and a Global Economy Jan 14, 2004:funding for International Trade Council to promote exports Golden: YESPlatform: YES
  Supporting the Transition from Welfare to Work Jul 16, 2003:allowing parents on welfare to go back to school Golden: YESPlatform: YES
Part V: Fiscal Responsibility (No votes on which to base response)
Part VI: Safety & Justice
  Crime Prevention
Feb 10, 2004:earmarking funds for women's substance abuse program Golden: YESPlatform: YES
Part VII: Housing
May 10, 2004:removing funds for Affordable Housing Trust Golden: NOPlatform: NO
  Urban Investment Jul 8, 2004:rejecting $25M earmarked for Housing Trust Fund Golden: NOPlatform: NO
Part VIII: Environment
  Safeguarding Natural Resources
Nov 17, 2003:Veto override to keep park maintenance funding within MDC Golden: YESPlatform: YES
Part IX: Political Reform (No votes on which to base response)
Part X: Worker Rights (No votes on which to base response)
Part XI: America & the World (No votes on which to base response)
Number of votes in 2003-04 in accord with Democratic Party Platform: 9 out of 13 votes.
Summary letter grade:
A=90% or better; B=80%; C=70%; D=60%; F=below 60%

Accord with the Democratic Party Platform is determined by representatives of Mass Scorecard and has no approval by nor association with the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

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Part I: Families & Children
Part II: Education
Part III: Health Care
Part IV: Economic Growth
Part V: Fiscal Responsibility
Part VI: Safety & Justice
Part VII: Housing
Part VIII: Environment
Part IX: Political Reform
Part X: Worker Rights
Part XI: America & the World

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