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The Scorecards below are from the 2005-2006 legislative session (the ongoing session).
We are currently adding votes to the Mass Scorecard for the 2005-2006 session.
The results below reflect only SOME of the votes from this session, and should not be interpreted as conclusive scores.
We will post the complete Mass Scorecard voting records for all legislators prior to the September 2006 primaries.

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Cory AtkinsDemocrat94% on 16 votesFourteenth Middlesex
Demetrius AtsalisDemocrat69% on 16 votesSecond Barnstable
Bruce AyersDemocrat63% on 16 votesFirst Norfolk
Ruth BalserDemocrat100% on 16 votesTwelfth Middlesex
John BiniendaDemocrat69% on 16 votesSeventeenth Worcester
Deborah BlumerDemocrat100% on 16 votesSixth Middlesex
Daniel BosleyDemocrat94% on 16 votesFirst Berkshire
Garrett BradleyDemocrat69% on 16 votesThird Plymouth
Arthur BroadhurstDemocrat64% on 11 votesFifteenth Essex
Antonio CabralDemocrat81% on 16 votesThirteenth Bristol
Jennifer CallahanDemocrat81% on 16 votesEighteenth Worcester
Christine CanavanDemocrat73% on 15 votesTenth Plymouth
Gale CandarasDemocrat75% on 16 votesTwelfth Hampden
Stephen CanessaDemocrat88% on 16 votesTwelfth Bristol
Mark CarronDemocrat73% on 15 votesSixth Worcester
Paul CaseyDemocrat44% on 16 votesThirty-first Middlesex
Edward ConnollyDemocrat50% on 12 votesTwenty-eighth Middlesex
Michael CoppolaRepublican0% on 2 votesFirst Bristol
Robert CorreiaDemocrat80% on 15 votesSeventh Bristol
Michael CostelloDemocrat94% on 16 votesFirst Essex
Robert CoughlinDemocrat75% on 16 votesEleventh Norfolk
Geraldine CreedonDemocrat81% on 16 votesEleventh Plymouth
Sean CurranDemocrat69% on 16 votesNinth Hampden
Robert DeLeoDemocrat69% on 16 votesNineteenth Suffolk
Viriato deMacedoRepublican6% on 16 votesFirst Plymouth
Brian DempseyDemocrat60% on 15 votesThird Essex
Salvatore DiMasiDemocrat93% on 14 votesThird Suffolk
Paul DonatoDemocrat75% on 16 votesThirty-fifth Middlesex
Christopher DonelanDemocrat69% on 13 votesSecond Franklin
Joseph DriscollDemocrat71% on 14 votesFifth Norfolk
James EldridgeDemocrat93% on 15 votesThirty-seventh Middlesex
Lewis EvangelidisRepublican13% on 16 votesFirst Worcester
James FaganDemocrat75% on 16 votesThird Bristol
Christopher FallonDemocrat67% on 15 votesThirty-third Middlesex
Mark FalzoneDemocrat100% on 15 votesNinth Essex
Robert FennellDemocrat73% on 15 votesTenth Essex
Michael FestaDemocrat100% on 16 votesThirty-second Middlesex
Barry FinegoldDemocrat75% on 16 votesSeventeenth Essex
Jennifer FlanaganDemocrat88% on 16 votesFourth Worcester
David FlynnDemocrat85% on 13 votesEighth Plymouth
Linda Dorcena ForryDemocrat94% on 16 votesTwelfth Suffolk
Gloria FoxDemocrat100% on 15 votesSeventh Suffolk
John FresoloDemocrat73% on 15 votesSixteenth Worcester
Paul FrostRepublican25% on 16 votesSeventh Worcester
William GalvinDemocrat80% on 15 votesSixth Norfolk
Colleen GarryDemocrat56% on 16 votesThirty-sixth Middlesex
Susan GiffordRepublican6% on 16 votesSecond Plymouth
Anne GobiDemocrat88% on 16 votesFifth Worcester
Emile GoguenDemocrat81% on 16 votesThird Worcester
Thomas GoldenDemocrat75% on 16 votesSixteenth Middlesex
Shirley GomesRepublican25% on 16 votesFourth Barnstable
Mary GrantDemocrat81% on 16 votesSixth Essex
William GreeneDemocrat56% on 16 votesTwenty-second Middlesex
Denis GuyerDemocrat88% on 16 votesSecond Berkshire
Patricia HaddadDemocrat87% on 15 votesFifth Bristol
Geoffrey HallDemocrat69% on 16 votesSecond Middlesex
Robert HargravesRepublican13% on 16 votesFirst Middlesex
Lida HarkinsDemocrat88% on 16 votesThirteenth Norfolk
Bradford HillRepublican19% on 16 votesFourth Essex
Kevin HonanDemocrat94% on 16 votesSeventeenth Suffolk
Donald HumasonRepublican0% on 13 votesFourth Hampden
Frank HynesDemocrat63% on 16 votesFourth Plymouth
Bradley JonesRepublican6% on 16 votesTwentieth Middlesex
Louis KafkaDemocrat100% on 16 votesEighth Norfolk
Michael KaneDemocrat67% on 15 votesFifth Hampden
Rachel KaprielianDemocrat93% on 15 votesTwenty-ninth Middlesex
Jay KaufmanDemocrat100% on 15 votesFifteenth Middlesex
John KeenanDemocrat87% on 15 votesSeventh Essex
Daniel KeenanDemocrat63% on 16 votesThird Hampden
Thomas KennedyDemocrat100% on 1 votesNinth Plymouth
Kay KhanDemocrat100% on 14 votesEleventh Middlesex
Peter KocotDemocrat94% on 16 votesFirst Hampshire
Robert KoczeraDemocrat67% on 15 votesEleventh Bristol
Peter KoutoujianDemocrat88% on 16 votesTenth Middlesex
Paul KujawskiDemocrat69% on 16 votesEighth Worcester
Stephen KulikDemocrat94% on 16 votesFirst Franklin
Barbara L`ItalienDemocrat88% on 16 votesEighteenth Essex
William LantiguaIndependent81% on 16 votesSixteenth Essex
James LearyDemocrat88% on 16 votesFourteenth Worcester
Stephen LeDucDemocrat75% on 16 votesFourth Middlesex
John LepperRepublican6% on 16 votesSecond Bristol
David LinskyDemocrat100% on 16 votesFifth Middlesex
Paul LoscoccoRepublican33% on 15 votesEighth Middlesex
Elizabeth MaliaDemocrat100% on 16 votesEleventh Suffolk
Ronald MarianoDemocrat75% on 16 votesThird Norfolk
James MarzilliDemocrat100% on 16 votesTwenty-third Middlesex
James MiceliDemocrat79% on 14 votesNineteenth Middlesex
Michael MoranDemocrat100% on 15 votesEighteenth Suffolk
Kevin MurphyDemocrat69% on 16 votesEighteenth Middlesex
James MurphyDemocrat69% on 16 votesFourth Norfolk
Charles MurphyDemocrat75% on 16 votesTwenty-first Middlesex
David NangleDemocrat69% on 16 votesSeventeenth Middlesex
Patrick NataleDemocrat69% on 16 votesThirtieth Middlesex
Harold NaughtonDemocrat78% on 9 votesTwelfth Worcester
Robert NymanDemocrat75% on 16 votesFifth Plymouth
Thomas O`BrienDemocrat63% on 16 votesTwelfth Plymouth
Eugene O`FlahertyDemocrat75% on 16 votesSecond Suffolk
Shirley Owens-HicksDemocrat80% on 15 votesSixth Suffolk
Marie ParenteDemocrat40% on 15 votesTenth Worcester
Matthew PatrickDemocrat100% on 16 votesThird Barnstable
Anne PaulsenDemocrat100% on 13 votesTwenty-fourth Middlesex
Vincent PedoneDemocrat87% on 15 votesFifteenth Worcester
Alice PeischDemocrat100% on 14 votesFourteenth Norfolk
Jeffrey PerryRepublican0% on 15 votesFifth Barnstable
Douglas PetersenDemocrat87% on 15 votesEighth Essex
George PetersonRepublican13% on 16 votesNinth Worcester
Thomas PetrolatiDemocrat69% on 16 votesSeventh Hampden
Anthony PetruccelliDemocrat88% on 16 votesFirst Suffolk
Smitty PignatelliDemocrat81% on 16 votesFourth Berkshire
Elizabeth PoirierRepublican13% on 16 votesFourteenth Bristol
Karyn PolitoRepublican25% on 16 votesEleventh Worcester
Susan PopeRepublican19% on 16 votesThirteenth Middlesex
Denise ProvostDemocrat0% on 0 votesTwenty-seventh Middlesex
John QuinnDemocrat81% on 16 votesNinth Bristol
Kathi-Anne ReinsteinDemocrat85% on 13 votesSixteenth Suffolk
Robert RiceDemocrat0% on 0 votesSecond Worcester
Cheryl RiveraDemocrat93% on 15 votesTenth Hampden
Michael RodriguesDemocrat67% on 15 votesEighth Bristol
Mary RogenessRepublican0% on 16 votesSecond Hampden
John RogersDemocrat75% on 16 votesTwelfth Norfolk
Richard RossRepublican19% on 16 votesNinth Norfolk
Michael RushDemocrat63% on 16 votesTenth Suffolk
Byron RushingDemocrat100% on 16 votesNinth Suffolk
Jeffrey SanchezDemocrat88% on 16 votesFifteenth Suffolk
Tom SannicandroDemocrat94% on 16 votesSeventh Middlesex
Angelo ScacciaDemocrat75% on 16 votesFourteenth Suffolk
John ScibakDemocrat94% on 16 votesSecond Hampshire
Carl SciortinoDemocrat100% on 16 votesThirty-fourth Middlesex
Frank SmizikDemocrat100% on 16 votesFifteenth Norfolk
Todd SmolaRepublican19% on 16 votesFirst Hampden
Theodore SpeliotisDemocrat88% on 16 votesThirteenth Essex
Robert SpellaneDemocrat93% on 14 votesThirteenth Worcester
Christopher SperanzoDemocrat94% on 16 votesThird Berkshire
Joyce SpiliotisDemocrat75% on 16 votesTwelfth Essex
Marie St. FleurDemocrat88% on 16 votesFifth Suffolk
Thomas StanleyDemocrat81% on 16 votesNinth Middlesex
Harriett StanleyDemocrat50% on 14 votesSecond Essex
Ellen StoryDemocrat100% on 14 votesThird Hampshire
William StrausDemocrat94% on 16 votesTenth Bristol
David SullivanDemocrat81% on 16 votesSixth Bristol
Benjamin SwanDemocrat93% on 15 votesEleventh Hampden
Kathleen TeahanDemocrat94% on 16 votesSeventh Plymouth
Walter TimiltyDemocrat50% on 16 votesSeventh Norfolk
Stephen TobinDemocrat69% on 16 votesSecond Norfolk
Timothy ToomeyDemocrat88% on 16 votesTwenty-sixth Middlesex
David TorrisiDemocrat75% on 16 votesFourteenth Essex
Philip TravisDemocrat40% on 15 votesFourth Bristol
Eric TurkingtonDemocrat88% on 16 votesCape & Islands
Cleon TurnerDemocrat100% on 16 votesFirst Barnstable
James ValleeDemocrat79% on 14 votesTenth Norfolk
Anthony VergaDemocrat88% on 16 votesFifth Essex
Joseph WagnerDemocrat80% on 15 votesEighth Hampden
Brian WallaceDemocrat73% on 15 votesFourth Suffolk
Patricia WalrathDemocrat86% on 14 votesThird Middlesex
Steven WalshDemocrat94% on 16 votesEleventh Essex
Martin WalshDemocrat88% on 16 votesThirteenth Suffolk
Martha WalzDemocrat100% on 16 votesEighth Suffolk
Daniel WebsterRepublican6% on 16 votesSixth Plymouth
James WelchDemocrat75% on 16 votesSixth Hampden
Alice WolfDemocrat100% on 16 votesTwenty-fifth Middlesex
Chris GabrieliDemocrat75% on 4 issues 
Christy MihosIndependent50% on 4 issues 
Deval PatrickDemocrat100% on 5 issues 
Grace RossGreen100% on 2 issues 
Kerry HealeyRepublican0% on 4 issues 
Mitt RomneyIncumbent0% on 7 issues 
Tom ReillyDemocrat60% on 5 issues 

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